test monster post ramble

This right here is where the monster gets introduced or perhaps it is a bit of flavour text. Who knows? Not me, I haven’t written it yet or gone beyond just tinkering with the website. I suppose it’s a beginning to have some words somewhere…Well the next post will be better. It will have details about the monster like: How many arms does it have? Is it green? When it looks at you do you get a bit scared or is it like a warm chocolatey feeling in the bottom of your tum tum? This monster will eat you, this one will just kill you, this one is misunderstood. Probably stick in a random table, who doesn’t like those? A statblock too! Now we are cooking with gas, not good hot eco-friendly gas though. More like soot blasting filth from the pits of hell. I have a feeling designing monsters is complicated but it’s probably not if you aren’t too worried about balance and fiddly system bits. People can work that stuff out themselves …probably. Do we even need more monsters, that’s tricky, probably just because grains of sand on a beach or something. People must like reading about monsters because they can’t possibly use them all. I have a bunch of monster manual type books and bestiaries but I must have used like 10% of the monsters at most. Anyway, not sure where this is going so I’ll cut off that thought. It was only meant to be a space filler.

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