Personal Appendix N

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Appendix N was Gary Gygax’s own personal list of inspirational texts that went into the creation of DnD. Taking that as a starting point I thought it would be good to produce my own for the things on the site. Some of these are background reading that generally inspires whilst others were read as inspiration for specific articles. Items may occur under multiple headings. It uses harvard style referencing because …nerds. It is a work in progress…


Jemisin, N. K. (2015) The Fifth Season. Orbit
Lovecraft, H. P. (2008) Necronomicon: The Best Weird Tales of H. P. Lovecraft. Gollancz S.F.
Tolkien, J. R. R. (1937) The Hobbit
Tolkien, J. R. R. (…) The Lord of the Rings

Dreams and the Dreamscape

Batto, B. F. (1987). ‘The Sleeping God: An Ancient Near Eastern Motif of Divine Sovereignty’, Biblica Vol. 68, No. 2, pp. 153-177. Peeters
Charlton, C. S. (1999) Of Mentalism, Rolemaster. Iron Crown Enterprises.
Connor, T. (Ed.). (1995) Dreams in French Literature: The Persistent Voice. Rodopi: Amsterdam.
Felek, Ö, & Knysh, A. D. (eds) (2012), Dreams and Visions in Islamic Societies, State University of New York Press, Albany.
Grubb, J. (2001) ‘Dreamlands: variant planes of dreams’, Dragon Magazine no. 287, Vol. XXVII, No.4, pp. 32-37
Grubb, J., Cordell Bruce r., Noonan, D. (2001). Manual of The Planes. Wizards of the Coast: Belgium.
Harris, W. V. (2009), Dreams and Experience in Classical Antiquity, Harvard University Press, Cambridge.
Hensley, S. L. and Slavicsek, B. (1995). Ravenloft: the Nightmare Lands. TSR Inc.: Lake Geneva.
Lambdin, L. C. and Lambdin, R. T. (2002) A companion to old and middle english literature. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press.
Packer, S. (2002), Dreams in Myth, Medicine, and Movies, Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated, Westport. 
Paperno, I. (2011), Stories of the Soviet Experience : Memoirs, Diaries, Dreams, Cornell University Press, Ithaca.
Petersen S. and Williams C. (2004) Dreamlands: Roleplaying Beyond the Wall of Sleep (5 ed.). Chaosium: California. 
Struve, Lynn A. (2019) ‘Continuities in the Dream Lives of Ming Intellectuals’ in: The Dreaming Mind and the End of the Ming World. University of Hawai’i Press.
Van, D. N. (ed.) (2010), Dreams and Visions: An Interdisciplinary Enquiry, BRILL, Boston. 

Science Fiction

Liu, C. (2015) The Three Body Problem (Translated by Ken Liu). Head of Zeus
Herbert, F. (…) Dune
The work of Philip K. Dick
Banks. Ian, M. (1988) A Player of Games
Leckie, A. (2013) Ancillary Justice


Meiville, C. (2000-2004) Bas Lag Trilogy – Perdido Street Station, The Scar and Iron Council.

Historical Fiction

O’Brian, P. (1970) Master and Commander.

Mythology and Religion

Frazer, J. G. (…) The Golden Bough
Kervin, R. (2018) Native American Myths: Collected 1636 – 1919
Belcher S. (2005) African Myths of Origin
Kingshill S. and Westwood, J. (2014) The Fabled Coast
Iönnrot, E. (2008). The Kalevala, Translated by Keith Bosley. OUP: Oxford.
Davies, S. (translator) (2008). The Mabinogion. OUP: Oxford.


Graphic Novels/Comics

The Invisibles

TTRPG and other Game materials

The 40k and Warhammer Universe Lore (pre whatever the hell is going on with it now)
Changeling the Lost

TV and Film

Alien, Aliens, Alien 3
The Wicker Man

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