Other People who do Good Stuff

Here is a collection of other people online who do things that we like:


Scrap Princess – Great art and interesting ideas, often works with Patrick Stuart
Kevin Crawford – Makes great games with neat ideas in an OSR style with a lot of DM resources
DnD Beyond – They are a useful resource for playing online DnD, improving all the time, albeit quite slowly. Lack of third party content is a pain I suppose. We often use their site for our games
Patrick Stuart – Makes great indie RPG content usually OSR style. Veins of the Earth is a masterpiece as far as I am concerned.
Dysonlogos – Awesome old school RPG map maker, mostly fantasy.
Monsterbrains – Really cool blog, posting weird and wonderful sometimes retro art that is often inspiring and sometimes terrifying. They also do pretty wild and awesome art themselves here.


WebDM – These guys are great and I appreciate that they take the time to make longer content. I am quite fed-up with short bitesize micro content snippet depth lacking click-getting videos. These guys don’t do that. The discussion format is also easy on the ear. Good think pieces on different aspects of Dungeons and Dragons and fantasy role-play more generally. Don’t tend to bandwagon hop either.
Dael Kingsmill – Great youtuber who does content around fantasy, roleplaying and mythology. Got her own interesting take on incorporating myth into games.
How to be a Great GM – Guy makes great content about DMing. He has a great attitude about TTRPGs and his adventure ideas and advice are always worth a listen.
Bud’s RPG Review and Bud’s Zine Review – Great page through reviews of various RPG products, often more left field or classic material and not just new big stuff. Also does advice on running certain adventures.
Critical Role – I like it, they’re fun, come at me.
Davvy Chappy – Fun videos, possibly not for everyone due to style. Does suffer from the short quick content problem.
Dungeon Craft – Professor Dungeon Master gives out good advice. He plays some kind of fusion between old school DnD and 5e which is fun. He has a lot of good advice on playing and DMing and some fun house rules.
Jim Murphy – An old school DnD DM.
Lindy Beige – Decent videos on all manner of old things like medieval weapons, culture etc. Some emphasis on historical accuracy and not a channel about RPGs per say.
MCDM – Matt Colville’s company and channel.
Nerdarchy – Old gentlemen role-players. Again a nice mostly natural discussion format. Have a good attitude about DnD and don’t slavishly follow the outpourings of the company.
Puffin Forest – Good RPG animations in a fun style. Some of the RPG horror stories videos are great. I particularly love the Chadwick Strongpants story.
Questing Beast – A channel dedicated to OSR. A good number of reviews of interesting OSR releases. This is the chap who made Knave and some other stuff.
Runehammer – Decent videos from the maker of Index Card RPG.
Sandy of Cthulhu – The original creator of Call of Cthulhu and owner of Petersen Games. His channel is fun and there are some good videos about his time working on Doom and other projects.
Seth Skorkowsky – The man for good Call of Cthulhu, Traveller, Alien etc. RPG reviews. Always has helpful advice for running the modules he reviews. His videos are well polished and his reviews trustworthy.