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Dungeon Master resources: monsters, random tables, NPCs, Encounters, World Building, Maps for fantasy and Science-Fiction TTRPGs.

Map #1 – Littleclaw, the huntstower

Introduction This map comes from our currently running 5e campaign. The PCs actually went through here around a year ago near the start of the campaign. A lot has happened since then…I believe the PCs were 2nd or 3rd level when they arrived here. It’s a relatively slow levelling campaign as I am not particularly …

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Lost Bestiary Pages #1 – The Slagrat

The Lost Bestiary Pages are monster design posts. Some random, some considered and some just for fun. Stats are generally for 5e of that popular roleplaying game that has been around a long time. Sometimes they are play tested and sometimes not. If you enjoy, please leave a comment. Skip to: Description, Quick Reference, Diet-based …

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Strange and Wonderful Plant Generator Thingy

Let’s talk about weird and wonderful plant life. Sometimes we need an unusual plant for the PCs to encounter. Perhaps we don’t want another combat encounter in the wilderness. Maybe normal plants are just boring and we want a magical fantasy twist to the scenery. Maybe we just like rolling on tables and plants don’t …

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