Original Encounter and Dungeon Maps for TTRPGs.

The Dreamscape, part 5 – Key Locations [A-D]

Introduction Welcome to our fifth foray into the Dreamscape. The last part covered the ten most common regions within the plane. This part covers the key locations in those regions. This ‘part’ is actually several smaller ones covering 15 locations A-D. A map of the dreamscape is also provided that shows connections and regions. Feel …

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The Dreamscape, part 4 – Map and regions

Introduction It’s been a while but it time for a fourth foray into the Dreamscape. This part provides a map of the dreamscape with regions, the permanent locations within them and the routes between. Descriptions of each of the ten regions are provided with some suggestions for adventures there. Each has a unique flavour and …

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Map #1 – Littleclaw, the huntstower

Introduction This map comes from our currently running 5e campaign. The PCs actually went through here around a year ago near the start of the campaign. A lot has happened since then…I believe the PCs were 2nd or 3rd level when they arrived here. It’s a relatively slow levelling campaign as I am not particularly …

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