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Worldsawait is a resource/blog site that discusses fantasy, science-fiction and other TTRPG related materials. Started in 2021 as a place to deposit musings and the occasional well thought piece. Are you looking for inspiration? We can help. You can find: Maps, Monsters, Magic Items, Reviews, Lore and more to help your games or spark your imagination. We love to hear from people who have found our work helpful or interesting so please contact us if you do. We also like helpful suggestions but unhelpful ones not so much…

Meet the Contributors

Whilst most of the content on Worlds Await is produced by me (the editor), sometimes other folks are involved. Below you will find a list of each contributor and what they are about.

The Editor

It’s me, the editor and supreme tyrant of Worlds Await. I am the alpha and omega, the sharp force that cuts, the scream that echoes through the soundless void, the hot air that breathes down the neck from an unseen loomer. Alternatively, I’m just a person who is generally a GM and sometimes a player.

Always had a love of fantasy and sci-fi and mythology. Remember getting picture books of Egyptian and Greek myths as a young one and some strange occult book that I pestered mum to buying for me. Played a lot of Games Workshop games particularly Blood Bowl leagues and Necromunda campaigns that still loom large in my mind along with vivid memories of my father stepping on the figures. Watch a lot of sci-fi films and some sci-fi TV shows. Played a lot of board games mostly Risk, Axis and Allies, Catan, Munchkin and others.

Used to hang around a comic shop for years playing magic the gathering and listening to people talk about their games of DnD and Vampire the Masquerade. Consumed a lot of books about VtM but never played it. Played 3rd edition DnD a couple of times and read many of the books over many years but it wasn’t until a friend bought the starter set for 5th edition that actually started to play. Over the pandemic got a regular group together and played every week, give or take, for over a year running a campaign in a home-brew world. Not the biggest fan of the Forgotten Realms or generic DnD lore as most of it is hit and miss.

By day I am a music teacher.

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I am open to requests to provide honest reviews of RPG products and related items.